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24 Hr  Drop off Information

The 24 hour drop off is available for both commercial and residential 

E waste.

The drop off is located down the South driveway between us in the trucking yard drive all the way to the back of the lot where you will see a large wooden fence with a stop sign. See map at bottom of page.

The gaylords  for drop off are located on the right hand side. 


The only restriction we have is CRT. If you are dropping one off outside of normal business hours please contact us before doing so, to arrange for payment of the CRT  Disposal fee or pay online . 



If you would like data destruction forms  Email to you once  The hard drives of any unit you dropped off are destroy, please either e-mail us with your contact information and the number of units being dropped off or write your name on the units with a piece of tape with your contact information so we can send you the forms.

If you decide you do not need the paperwork the drives will still be wiped at no charge as we do this with all data that  comes through

agape yard dropoff.jpg
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