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Our Partners in a Greener World

A huge thank you to Esurance Insurance company of Mesa,AZ  for helping in the fight against E-Waste

 Rubbish Works - Phoenix, partnered with Peoria Unified School District and Agape Computer and Electronics Recycling. They recycled 5 truck loads of old CRT tube TVs from the school district   Around 400 TVs were recycled and disposed of properly and kept out of our landfills.  We'd like to thank  Rubbish Works and Peoria Unified School District  for there  ethical handling of their E-Wast.

Rubbish Works of Phoenix

Servicing Phoenix (480) 545-1220

Peoria Unified School District

We Would like to thank the following people and their companies for working toward making  the world a greener place.

Clarity Imaging

the bro company

Christian valean

Stacy knighton

David Milakavich

Thank you all so much for doing your part in making our planet a cleaner,safer place.We look forward to continuing to do our part as well.

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