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Data Management and Data Destruction

Free DOD 5220 22M  hard drive wiping

We understand that managing your data is one of the most important responsibilities we have In for this reason we take data management extremely seriously.


All hard drives and other storage devices are sanitized.

We preform  a D.O.D. 5022.22 M 7 pass military grade forensically unrecoverable wipe on all drives that come in. This is done on a stand alone self contained  unit so at no time are your drives accessed by anyone.

  If for some reason this cannot be performed we run them through an industrial degausser  and crush them.


We can provide certificates of data destruction including process used, serial number, machine used and  date performed.


This is done at no cost  as it is the proper way to handle data and is required by our larger contracts so we do it for everyone.   We also carry a million dollar insurance policy on data

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