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It is our mission to not only raise awareness of the many dangers and damages that electronic waste is creating in our world, but also to do something about it. Our country is being over run with E-waste and it continues to accumulate every day. It is our intent to do our part and contribute our abilities and energy toward eliminating the irresponsible disposal of electronic waste. There are many E-waste companies operating that claim to be environmentally friendly, but unfortunately certain waste that doesn't produce a profit for these companies finds its way into our land fills. Agape recycling is a for profit company, however, we refuse to compromise the integrity of our environment and the future of our planet for monetary gain. Our number one priority is to save our planet and to protect our environment. Agape recycling also supports organizations geared toward the protection and health and healing of children. All cell phones donated are given to organizations that support victims of domestic violence. These phones provide a life line to people that otherwise have no resources. We are proud of our mission and we look forward to growing the Agape family to a global scale. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


Welcome to our family.

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Computer and Electronics Recycling

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